Thursday, November 10, 2011

Choosing the Right Cataract Surgeon

Cataract surgery is a common procedure performed by most Opthalmologist. As a consequence, it is viewed as simple procedure. It can be for most cataract surgeons. However, there are several variables that may require extra skill and expertise. Some variables include other eye conditions such as glaucoma. Another variable is your lifestyle needs and desire to have all options available. These variables require extra skill, expertise and experience.

One major variable that requires expertise is the implantation of a refractive IOL, also known as a premium IOL. Traditional IOLs have given patients excellent distance vision while usally requiring reading glasses for near vision. The latest refractive IOLs may allow cataract patients to achieve high quality vision at all distances. If you choose a refractive IOL make sure your eye care center has the experience and qualifications to perform the procedure.

Below are a few questions to ask when choosing the right surgeon.
  • Is the staff knowledgeable about cataracts and its options?
  • Did the doctor answer all my questions to my satisfaction?
  • How many procedures have you performed using refractive IOLs?
  • You are advised of enhancement procedures along with possible cost.
  • Does the surgeon have a Excimer Laser (LASIK) to perform any ehnachements if needed?
The combination of the right surgeon and latest refractive IOLs has helped thousands of patients achieve youthful vision. It is important to note the decision to elect a refractive IOL is yours and many patients elect a standard or monofocal IOL.

All cataract surgeons who insert refractive IOLs are skilled with monofocal IOLs. The reverse is not true, not all Ophthalmologist who insert monofocal IOLs will use a refractive IOL. If you do not feel your eye care center gives you all the options you may ask for a second opinion from surgeon who uses all the technologies.

Lastly, make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon. This is a critical decision and finding a surgeon that fits your medical and lifestyle needs is important.